Church of the Remnant Ministries

Church of the Remnant Ministries is a not for profit prison outreach ministry serving God in helping men and women inmates connect with the outside and supply resources and guidance to assist them in their re-entry into society.

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Who We Are

We are a full gospel prison outreach ministry. We were founded in 2002 by Michael Danielson while serving God at Fort Lyon Correctional Facility. During this time he earned his degree in religious education. Now Pastor Danielson serves God by giving back to the inmates and their families by providing resources to assist them in becoming successes instead of statistics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide spiritual guidance and resource information to prisoners to use upon their release from jail or prison.

Types Of Activity

We currently are striving to gain access to re-enter the prisons to minister to inmates about what God has done and is doing in our lives as we continue to be on parole or supervision. We are scheduling seminars in prisons, and are active in bridging the gap between an inmate and society.


We are in the process of training our volunteers to go into the prisons to serve God in many ways including seminars, services, counselling, providing resources, and Bible studies. We are preparing our team to go into Colorado prisons at this time.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our newsletter is published monthly and is 2 pages long, being distributed to Colorado Prison inmates and their families. Send us your information to request an E-copy of the latest issue.

About Our Prison Ministry

Pastor Danielson is a Lifetime Member in good standing with The International Association of Christian Theologians, and the ministry is an affiliate of The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ.

Support In

Please pray for our ministry as we enter into the next stage of developing Shiloh Farms, a rehabilitation facility for inmates returning into society. It will be a fully self-sufficient facility that equips the ex-inmate to successfully re-enter into a productive life as a free human being. The programs include spiritual guidance, educational, job training, family living, relationships, financial planning, vocational, cognitive thinking, and addiction counseling.


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